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ArcticZymes granted further patent protection on its heat-labile dsDNase product in the USA

ArcticZymes AS has received a Notice of Allowance for the United States Patent Application No. 14/036459 further covering patentable subject matter of its heat-labile dsDNase product.

With the approval of the new patent in the USA, ArcticZymes strengthens its rapidly growing intellectual property portfolio. The patent extends protection in the USA to the nucleic acid sequence of the heat-labile dsDNase. This includes a method of isolation and purification of the expressed sequence and subsequent incorporation into kit based technologies. This complements earlier patent protection granted in 2013, which covers amongst others the dsDNase itself, methods for removing contaminations from a sample reaction, as well as kits or compositions comprising the dsDNase.

“This latest patent approval strengthens the overall commercial potential for the innovative HL-dsDNase product in the USA. Furthermore, it supports our commercial efforts with Business-to-business partners.” says Managing Director, Jethro Holter at ArcticZymes AS.

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ArcticZymes on Norwegian national TV

On Thursday 29 January, Norway’s most popular science TV show, “Schrödingers katt” on NRK, made a story on how enzymes from ArcticZymes can improve DNA analysis as part of the criminal investigation of rape cases.

Through interviews with Marthe Aune, bioengineer at the Center for Legal Genetics (Rettsgenetisk senter) in Tromsø, the story explains how enzymes from arctic shrimps can be used to remove the DNA in a DNA test from a rape victim, without damaging the sperm cell DNA from the rapist.

As the story points out, enzymes from ArcticZymes make such DNA analysis easier and more evident with regards to a reliable output. More evident DNA profiles will strengthen criminal investigations and evidences in rape cases.

As a student at the Arctic University of Norway, Marthe Aune has previously headed a research project in cooperation with ArcticZymes on arctic enzymes and DNA in legal genetic analysis.

Here you can watch the Schrödingers katt story on arctic enzymes and DNA analysis.

There are also two accompanying stories on local news sites, Nordlys and