Double-strand specific DNase

Quantity Size & Conc. Article no. Notes Price
Pack size: 2500 U
Conc.: 5U/µl
#70600-203 $1,825
Pack size: 1000 U
Conc.: 2U/µl
#70600-202 $810
Pack size: 250 U
Conc.: 2U/µl
#70600-201 $270
N/A Glycerol-free 5 kU
Conc.: 80 - 140 U/µl
#70610-50 Request quote
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The double-strand specific DNase from Arctic Shrimp (Pandalus borealis) is from a previously unknown gene family. It displays a unique double-strand specificity allowing it to perform in the presence of single stranded DNA molecules such as primers and probes. Ideal for protocols that allows for a discrete heat-inactivation step.

Main advantages with dsDNase

  • Double-strand DNA specific endonuclease
  • High specific activity
  • Can be heat-inactivated by moderate heat treatment (65°C for 15 minutes)
  • Producing 5′-phospho-oligonucleotide products

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