Quantity Size & Conc. Article no. Notes Price
Pack size: 2500 U
Conc.: 5U/µl
#70800-203 $1,825
Pack size: 1000 U
Conc.: 2U/µl
#70800-202 $810
Pack size: 250 U
Conc.: 2U/µl
#70800-201 $270
N/A Glycerol-free 5 kU
Conc.: 80 - 140 U/µl
#70810-50 Request quote
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HL-dsDNase is a genetically engineered version of dsDNase that is rapidly and completely inactivated at moderately high temperatures. HL-dsDNase is inactivated at 55°C with a pH above 8.0. This makes this product very useful for removal of DNA from RNA preparations, since the enzyme may be heat inactivated without risk of auto-degradation of RNA in the presence of magnesium.

Main advantages with HL-dsDNase

  • Double-strand DNA specific endonuclease
  • Easily heat-inactivated by very moderate heat treatment
  • High specific activity
  • Useful for removal of DNA from RNA preps

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