Salt Active Nuclease

Quantity Size & Conc. Article no. Notes Price
Pack size: 5000 U
Conc.: 25U/µl
#70900-201 $140
Pack size: 25000 U
Conc.: 25U/µl
#70900-202 $470
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This enzyme will allow for removal of nucleic acids in a traditional protein buffer regime – ie the protein is well protected while the nucleic acids are fully removed. Digests DNA and RNA in approximately a 10:1 ratio. Applications in removal of contaminating nucleic acids from purified enzyme/protein preps as well as inline digestion of nucleic acids in protein purifications. The digestion can take place at high salt conditions.

Main advantages with Salt Active Nuclease

  • Non specific endonuclease
  • Optimum activity at high salt concentration (0.5 M NaCl)
  • Active at low temperatures (20% at 6ºC)
  • Broad pH range
  • Temperature stable

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