ArcticZymes launches its first Proteinase enzyme

ArcticZymes’ Proteinase is a novel heat-labile enzyme easily inactivated after use. Gentle inactivation of the enzyme enables broader compatibility in the development of kits and products serving the In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) and molecular research market segments.

In developing the Proteinase, ArcticZymes worked with collaborators and customers to demonstrate its key benefits in streamlining workflows in research and product development. In particular, ArcticZymes has collaborated with Associate Professor Anders Ståhlberg, a leading authority in single-cell biology and liquid biopsies at the Sahlgrenska Cancer Center in Gothenburg. Ståhlbergs’ lab demonstrated the utility of ArcticZymes Proteinase to solve technical challenges in the isolation of low abundance DNA samples from precious biopsies or biological samples, prior to DNA analysis by PCR and Next Generation Sequencing.

“The properties of ArcticZymes’ Proteinase open up new possibilities to analyze nucleic acids in ways that has not been possible before. Currently, we are exploring a number of applications in the areas of liquid biopsy and single-cell analysis’’ says A. Ståhlberg.

The new enzyme is supported by intellectual property, which ArcticZymes will convey to its customers. By adopting the enzyme, customers can take advantage of its benefits to improve existing kits and in the development of new products or technologies.

With respect to potential, the new enzyme will open ArcticZymes ability to penetrate the liquid biopsy and sample preparation markets within our existing customer base as well as new IVD customers we are not reaching today. The technical advantages ArcticZymes Proteinase offers will resonant well with IVD companies developing non-invasive tests based on cancer biomarkers. As with any new enzyme launch, it will take 1-4 years for our customers to commercialize their technologies or IVD assays containing the enzyme. Longer-term we can expect Proteinase sales similar to our leading products today. The incremental addition of new synergist products to ArcticZymes portfolio will continue to increase our relevance to customers across the market segments we serve.

“ArcticZymes Proteinase is a new class of enzyme for the company and provides synergy with our other enzyme product offerings. The enzyme enables ArcticZymes to provide a new component to the liquid biopsy and sample preparation market. We are excited to offer another unique innovation and look forward to supporting our customers in exploiting the enzymes unique features in their product developments.” says Jethro Holter, Managing Director ArcticZymes, AS.

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