ArcticZymes launches M-SAN High Quality

December 10, 2019
ArcticZymes is pleased to announce a new and novel member of the Salt Active Nuclease (SAN) portfolio; M-SAN High Quality. The new SAN enzyme builds on the highly demanded SAN High Quality nuclease serving the bio-manufacturing market segment. While SAN HQ is designed to work in the high salt concentration range, M-SAN HQ has been developed to offer the optimal solution for removal of nucleic acids at physiological salt conditions. High activity at physiological salt conditions is very relevant in many bioprocessing and biomanufacturing workflows in which currently available nucleases are ineffective. Thus M-SAN HQ can help avoid unnecessary steps in the workflows and by doing so increase efficiencies and the utility of the enzyme.

“We are excited to expand our product portfolio within the bio-manufacturing markets where our unique technologies can have a major impact. The new edition to our SAN products can greatly help both new and current customers” says Dr. Jethro Holter, Interim CEO, Biotec Pharmacon.

ArcticZymes is currently developing an ELISA-kit for M-SAN which is expected to be launched within 2020. Prototypes of the kit will be made available for testing by key customers prior to launch. M-SAN will be available for shipping from January 2020. Request a quote today here or by contacting your local Business Development Manager.
To learn more about M-SAN, visit the technology page, or check out the brochure.