ArcticZymes Technologies exclusively licenses novel DNA assembly technology

Tromsø, Norway, 08th December 2022 – ArcticZymes Technologies ASA (OSE: AZT) exclusively licenses novel DNA assembly technology from UiT The Arctic University of Norway

ArcticZymes Technologies (AZT) has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with UiT The Arctic University of Norway (UiT) for a novel DNA assembly technology. The technology was developed by researchers at UiT and is based on unique heat-labile enzymes identified by marine bioprospecting in the Arctic. The patent-pending technology comprises novel enzymes with tailor-made characteristics for controlled and efficient assembly of multiple DNA fragments.

DNA assembly is a work-horse technology serving a growing demand for gene- and vector- constructs, enabling innovation in areas such as synthetic biology and in the development of therapeutics. Synthetic biology is a growing multidisciplinary field seeking to take advantage of synthetic genes and genomes, generating new and improved biological systems to solve challenges in medicine, manufacturing, and applied markets. The global synthetic biology market was estimated at $9.6 billion in 2021 and projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26%.

By acquiring this technology, the Company will expand its offering towards new and existing customers in both the molecular tools and biomanufacturing businesses.

ArcticZymes Technologies ASA, CEO, Jethro Holter said:

“DNA assembly technologies are being utilised by biomanufacturers and service providers, or offered as molecular tools for integration into application workflows. The technology licensed by AZT will circumvent limitations in current technologies.

We are delighted to enter into a further agreement with UiT. It builds on our long-term partnership which has been successful in commercialising multiple discoveries.”

UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Head of Department, Department of chemistry, Annette Bayer said: 

“This technology is a great achievement for UiT, our researchers, collaborators, and the Norwegian Research Council, and can enable technology advances in important areas in the future. We are happy to have entered an agreement with an experienced partner like ArcticZymes to make the technology available”.

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CEO, Jethro Holter                                                        T: +47 46 85 91 46
CFO, Børge Sørvoll                                                        T: +47 95 29 01 87 / E:


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