ArcticZymes Technologies launches IsoPol BST+ 10X Reaction Buffer Pack and new application page for Isothermal Amplification

Tromsø, Norway, 08 July, 2020: Currently there is a large demand for rapid and reliable point-of-care (POC) diagnostic tests for viral and bacterial pathogens to expedite clinical decision making and control disease spread. When establishing these new POC assays, the use of robust components allowing amplification directly from biological sample material is essential.

Our new optimized IsoPol BST+ 10X Reaction Buffer was used with IsoPol BST+ in LAMP and RT-LAMP for detecting viral DNA and RNA, respectively. Our results demonstrate that IsoPol BST+ in combination with our 10X Reaction Buffer has both superior amplification performance and tolerance to common matrix inhibitors in LAMP/RT-LAMP compared to other commercially available polymerases and isothermal amplification buffers.

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