ArcticZymes Technologies launches new products and opens new production facility


ArcticZymes technologies launches the following products:

  • ArcticZymes R2DTM Ligase – Patent pending ligase with novel specificity enabling the ligation of DNA to both ends of RNA using a DNA splint. The enzyme is an enabling tool for new technology development and is expected to have broad applicability in Molecular Diagnostics (MDx), Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), and gene/RNA synthesis applications for potential therapeutic applications.
  • IsoPol® BST+ High Concentration Glycerol FREE – highly concentrated formulation of the DNA polymerase to support ongoing customer opportunities for utility in new NGS platform technologies and Point-of-Care diagnostic test developments.
  • M-SAN HQ ELISA Kit – The new ELISA immunoassay product is an essential support product for customers using the M-SAN HQ enzyme in biomanufacturing processes for gene therapy and viral vaccine production. In combination with the M-SAN HQ enzyme, the new immunoassay product provides a complete solution for the critical elimination of DNA contamination during biomanufacturing.
  • M-SAN HQ enzyme (Upscaled) – The upscaling of M-SAN HQ enzyme was timed to coincide with the launch of the new ELISA kit. The M-SAN HQ enzyme manufacturing process has been upscaled and transitioned to large-scale fermentation. This successful upscaling achieved greater than a 100-fold increase in fermentation yield. The upscaling was necessary to meet the expected increase in demand following the launch of the ELISA kit and ensure customers can receive large quantities of enzyme from a single production batch.

The ArcticZymes R2DTM Ligase and M-SAN HQ products will be available in our warehouses during January 2022. The IsoPol® BST+ High Concentration Glycerol FREE product will be available during February 2022.

Furthermore, ArcticZymes Technologies is proud to announce the opening of its new 500 m2 production facility at the SIVA Innovation Centre in Tromsø. The new state of the art facility caters for the scalable manufacturing of enzyme products and meets the strict requirements demanded by ISO13485: In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) and cGMP. The facility has the capacity to support the increasing production demands of existing products, future innovations, and organic growth of the business over the next 4-5 years. Lastly all Tromsø based employees are now located under one roof at the SIVA Innovation Centre.