ArcticZymes Technologies needs your expertise!

We are looking for an Application Development Scientist in Molecular Life Sciences


This is a unique opportunity to join one of Norway’s fastest growing biotechnology companies to develop new technology and products advancing life science research, diagnostics & bioprocessing. We are looking for a highly motivated candidate to join our new site in Oslo to help accelerate our growing business.


  • MSc with minimum 3 years work experience or PhD in the fields of Life Sciences, Biochemistry or Chemistry.
  • Lab experience with commercial product development or assay development in either the Life Sciences or Diagnostics segments.
  • Previous experience with regulated environments (i.e., ISO13485) would be an advantage.
  • A proven track record of scientific creativity and problem solving e.g., high-quality scientific publications or patents.
  • Scientifically curious, creative and enjoy problem solving. You have a drive to understand the science hidden inside commercially available kits.


  • Active laboratory role. It is essential that you enjoy this; a large percentage of your time will be in the lab.
  • Experimental design, planning controls, technical benchwork, writing SOPs, accurate reporting of data and preparation of reports.
  • Learning and implementing new technology, techniques, and a drive to optimise systems leading to robust application development.
  • Communication of results to engage co-workers.
  • Presentation of complex data in an approachable way.
  • The work is expected to be diverse. Your role will require a flexible mindset – adaptable to the diverse challenges of the development of new technologies and applications.


Oslo, Norway.

Please include your CV and cover letter, plus any additional supporting materials (e.g. certificates, references, etc.).

We look forward to receiving your application!