ArcticZymes Technologies launches SAN HQ 2.0 ELISA Kit

ArcticZymes Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of our newest product, the SAN HQ 2.0 ELISA kit. This classic sandwich ELISA is designed for the detection and quantification of SAN HQ 2.0 enzyme in samples taken from the manufacturing stages of a complex biomanufacturing process such as the production of viral vectors. The SAN HQ 2.0 ELISA Kit is …

Welcome to the team!

We welcome Dirk Hahneiser to ArcticZymes Technologies who joins us as Vice President of Business Development and Marketing. Dirk will lead ArcticZymes Technologies´ global business development team and further develop the company´s commercial and marketing strategy. We are excited to have Dirk aboard and look forward to working with him.

Virus-X paper

ArcticZymes was one of the partners in the EU Horizon2020 Virus-X biodiscovery research project. This paper describes the efforts of the consortium.

ArcticZymes launches SAN HQ 2.0

ArcticZymes is pleased to announce the launch of the second generation of its SAN HQ enzyme, SAN HQ 2.0. You can read the full Press release here. You can request a quote today by contacting your local Business Development Manager. To learn more about SAN HQ 2.0, visit the Product page, or get in touch.