Celebrating the launch of Recombinant SAP

Published 15.07.2010

May 2010 it finally happened. Recombinant SAP was launched by our global sales partner USB / Affymetrix.

We are thrilled to say that rSAP is a VERY good product because:

SAME FUNCTION: rSAP functions exactly as the good “old” native SAP, and can be implemented directly and without any changes in your protocols.

MORE STABLE: rSAP is much more stable at room temperature. This opens for new applications.

LESS LOT TO LOT VARIATION: The batch size for rSAP is at least 10 times higher than native SAP, which you will certainly appreciate as an advantage. Fermentation gives a lot better control over the raw materials.

And quietly celebrating the departure
of Native SAP

After many years of trusted service we are sending the nSAP to rest at the eternal fields for retired enzymes.

There are a number of reasons why nSAP is due for retirement –

NATURAL VARIABILITY: Based on shrimps caught by many different vessels, with variable freezing capacities, at different times of year, bringing in shrimps of different life stages – variation is unavoidable.

RAW MATERIAL SUPPLY: When we started producing SAP 20 years back, we were able to source our raw material – thawing water from frozen shrimps – from more than 30 sites very near Tromsø. Today there is only ONE site left, about 100 km away.

CHANGING INDUSTRY PROCEDURES: Production methods in the shrimp industry are changing towards single frozen shrimps, giving a better tasting shrimp – but the thawing water is no source for SAP.

Conclusion: Reliable production of SAP from a native source is no longer an option.

There is no way back – we are very comfortably leaving recombinant SAP in your hands after many years of trusting our native SAP.

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