About us

ArcticZymes shall leverage its access to bioprospecting activities in the marine Arctic to be a leader in the commercialization of novel cold-adapted enzymes for molecular research and diagnostics.

ArcticZymes AS has a long history dating back to the late 1980’s. The business idea was to exploit by-products from the fishing industry of Northern Norway. In the mid-1990’s Biotec Pharmacon acquired the technology for production of Shrimp Alkaline Phosphatase and built a department for production of molecular grade enzymes. In June 2009 Biotec Pharmacon created ArcticZymes, a 96% owned subsidiary. Biotec Pharmacon ASA is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the BIOTEC ticker symbol.

Arcticzymes group shot

Tromsø, Norway – winter 2014

ArcticZymes has a rich history leveraging its access to the marine Arctic; identify novel cold-adapted enzymes for use in molecular research, diagnostics, and manufacturing.

ArcticZymes’ products are firmly entrenched in the molecular research and diagnostic arena; as both standalone enzymes and unique components in the kits of our commercial partners. We have developed strong relationships with OEM partners and individual researchers alike with the strategic intent to expand our enzyme portfolio and the application of each unique product.

The leadership at ArcticZymes recognizes the critical role enzymes play in research and diagnostics. Understanding and valuing the importance of this role drives the internal functions at ArcticZymes where we continually strive to operate at the highest level to exceed our partners’ expectations.