Global supply security and robust quality

Reliable supply

Navigating the ice in delivering high tech products to global commercial customer. ArcticZymes tackled this challenge head on and was named “Biological Supplier of the Year” 2014 by Thermo Fisher Scientific.

ArcticZymes supplies its innovative technologies to commercial partners around the world. Two critical demands are robust quality and continuity of supply. Despite being located far north in the Arctic Circle, ArcticZymes has put these at the forefront of its operation. In addition, it is adept in meeting scalable and customised demands from its B2B customers irrespective of their size or location.

Scalable and Custom Production

ArcticZymes shares offices, labs, and parts of production facilities with the sister company Biotec Beta Glucans AS. Even if their field of business are different, both companies produce biotech-products with high expectations for quality and reliable supply.

ArcticZymes has been producing Shrimp Alkaline Phosphatase for more than 20 years; first from a native source, and later by recombinant production. The core competence of the company is development of enzymes from cold-adapted organisms, genetic engineering, process development, and quality-controlled production of molecular grade enzymes.

ArcticZymes has chosen to focus on molecular grade enzymes and solutions to serve the life science, diagnostics, applied science and bioprocessing industries. We have built scalable production platforms which can reliably supply the world market for current and future demands.

Furthermore, we understand the need to deliver product in custom and flexible formats. Whether it is private labeling, bulk supply, or custom formulations, we are able to accommodate such demands to seamlessly integrate into our customer kits or manufacturing process.

Supply security

ArcticZymes is located in Norway, a politically stable country, with a very healthy economy ensuring continued growth and stability. Our head office, development and production facilities are located in Tromsø in the Northern part of Norway within the Arctic Circle. Tromsø is now one of the quickest growing cities in Norway, and hosts a very innovative community with a growing number of high technology companies.

Shipping biological products long distance, across borders, from a scarcely populated area is a challenge. ArcticZymes has realized the challenges, and have taken measures to overcome any foreseeable problem.

In ensuring ArcticZymes delivers product when and where it is needed, we have established a global logistics network and a dedicated support team.  This effort culminated in being awarded “Biological Supplier of the Year” 2014 by Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Transport routes are regularly analysed to make sure optimal transport is chosen. For new transport routes, choice of transport is discussed with the customer to ensure the most cost efficient transport.

  • If transport is expected to take less than 2 days, we recommend shipping on blue ice to ease the burden of documentation and accompanying costs.
  • For transport that may take more than two days, dry-ice shipment is chosen.
  • The customer may choose to increase safety by working with a freight forwarder that refills dry-ice in case of delays.

To ensure quick delivery, warehouses have been established near select airports in Europe and the United States. In agreement with the customers, forecasted orders can be placed at the nearest warehouse to ensure short lead times.


ArcticZymes was certified according to ISO 9001:2008 on 2nd January 2015. In 2017, ArcticZymes transferred its Quality Management System to ISO 13485:2003.

ArcticZymes prides itself in serving its commercial customers by taking all measures to ensure continuity of supply and robust product quality.