How to buy our premium enzymes

Whether it is in small quantities via our online shop or large commercial quantities – we are happy that you are considering our unique enzyme technologies for your endeavors. So no matter if you already know what you need or if you want to discuss our enzymes and kits with one of our experts – we are here to assist you. 


For smaller quantities

If you need our enzymes in smaller quantities – for example for research purposes – you can order most of our portfolio directly in our online shop.

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For commercial supply

Customers trust in our premium enzymes for incorporation into their current technologies, new product developments and manufacturing processes. If you are in need of commercial supply, our dedicated customer team is there for you.

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“Knowing that we help people everyday through the enzymes we produce, is highly motivational and satisfying."

Stefan Hauglid, Senior Production Engineer

Why choose ArcticZymes?


Unique enzyme features

Our novel enzymes are of excellent quality, reproducible and have unique properties that make them particularly robust. Also on our list of features: heat-labile, cold active and salt tolerant.


Security of supply

With ArcticZymes you are on the safe side when it comes to the timely delivery of high-quality enzymes. We strive for a reliable and uninterrupted supply of whatever enzyme technology you need.

Partnership approach

Our focus is on cooperative B2B partnerships which means that we put our customers' needs at the center of what we do. We strive to provide innovative solutions in order to help them to succeed in whatever they do.