M-SAN HQ in Lentivirus Purification Poster Presented at 29th ESGCT

Our collaborators at University College London (UCL) Biochemical Engineering Department have presented a poster on the use of M-SAN HQ for purification of lentivirus vectors for cell therapy applications. The poster entitled: “Removal of contaminating DNA in downstream processing of lentiviral vectors” was presented at the 29th Annual European Society for Cell and Gene Therapy at the EICC in Edinburgh, Scotland on October 12th, 2022. First co-authors, Roman Labbé and Noor Mujahid showed that M-SAN HQ helps to clarify contaminating dsDNA with enzymatic digestion after an optimal period of 10 minutes incubation at 25 U/ml. The poster findings, in summary:

  1. Significant differences were observed in the removal of dsDNA after enzymatic digestion compared to undigested samples
  2. Lentivirus (LV) titre loss was observed but was attributed to bioprocessing conditions over the effect of nuclease digestion
  3. Nuclease digestion led to a narrower particle distribution around 150 nm as measured by nanoparticle tracking assay (NTA)

Our M-SAN HQ is a leading nuclease for purification of viral vectors, with hundreds of satisfied customers in Cell and Gene Therapy and other biomanufacturing applications.

View here: M-SAN HQ poster

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