IsoPol™ DNA Polymerase

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Pack size: 200 UConc.: 5U/µl
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IsoPol™ SD+
Pack size: 200 UConc.: 5U/µl
#71501-201 59
IsoPol™ BST+
Pack size: 200 UConc.: 5U/µl
#71502-201 59
N/A IsoPol™ BST+ Glycerol-free
Pack size: According to agreementConc.: According to agreement
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IsoPol™ is a DNA polymerase, active at ambient temperatures. It exhibits no 5’-3’or 3’-5’ exonuclease activity. Isothermal Polymerase has high processivity and strong strand-displacement activity and can be heat inactivated at temperatures above 50°C.

IsoPol™ SD+ is a DNA polymerase with stronger strand displacement and higher salt tolerance, compared to ArcticZymes first IsoPol™.

IsoPol™ BST+ is a heat-tolerant Bst polymerase (large fragment) with enhanced strand-displacement activity. IsoPol™ BST+ is active from 25 to 65°C. It is lacking 5’-3’- and 3’-5’-exonuclease activity.