Third party papers


  1. Fact or Artifact?
    A study documenting the ubiquity of DNA contamination calls into question a recent paper on food-derived nucleic acids in the human bloodstream.
  2. Diverse and Widespread Contamination Evident in the Unmapped Depths of High Throughput Sequencing Data
    While contamination by foreign DNA is a concern for many experiments, it requires particular attention for those that rely on sensitive methods to describe samples that are themselves dilute or degraded.
  3. Reagent and laboratory contamination can critically impact sequence-based microbiome analyses
    The study of microbial communities has been revolutionised in recent years by the widespread adoption of culture independent analytical techniques such as 16S rRNA gene sequencing and metagenomics.

Sample prep

  1. DNA Extraction Kits Contaminated
    Sequencing study reveals low levels of microbes in lab reagents that can create big problems for some microbiome studies.
  2. Transcriptome Analysis Using the Ovation® Single Cell RNA-Seq System
    Expression analysis of mixed populations of cells masks the heterogeneity that exists within that population. Enabling a better understanding of these dynamics at the level of individual cell is vital to understanding the development of tissues and disease progression.