Woulgan symposium at Harrogate

At the Wounds UK annual congress in Harrogate, November 2018 , Woulgan was included in the program with a satellite symposium. The presentation was set at a prime time in the program in the main auditorium. The symposium was chaired by Honorary Consultant Podiatrist Paul Chadwick and had the following speakers covering the topics:

“Dramatically improve your healing rates with prompt addition of BetaGlucan”

Paul Chadwick: Key challenges in Wound Care 2018

Ingrid Skjæveland: What’s Woulgan Bioactive BetaGlucan Gel?

Kimberley Wilde: Healing results when adding Woulgan

Q&A session

Recording of the symposium is now available  online: https://woulgan.com/symposium-wounds-uk-2018/