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ArcticZymes produces recombinantly expressed enzymes originating from various arctic species. The cold-adaption allows the use of simple heating steps for their irreversible inactivation. This unique property allows us to introduce novel, simple and efficient workflows to a range of applications in molecular biology.

PCR clean-up

SAP, together with Exonuclease I, can be used for easy and effective enzymatic removal of un-incorporated primers and dNTPs from PCRs prior to sequencing or genotyping. Enzymatic treatment is both faster and more cost-efficient than spin columns. Continue reading »

Decontamination of PCR master mixes

Our PCR Decontamination Kit can be used for removal of contaminating gDNA (e.g. 16S, 18S, 23S etc.) from commercial PCR master mixes without reducing the sensitivity of the PCR master mix. Continue reading »

PCR carry-over prevention

Cod UNG from ArcticZymes allows full carry-over protection in PCRs, even in one-step qRT-PCR, with full compatibility with down-stream applications. Continue reading »


SAP is a multipurpose phosphatase that catalyzes the removal of 5′-phosphate groups from nucleic acids and proteins. Complete inactivation makes SAP suitable for a range of protocols. Continue reading »

Nucleic acid removal

Our Salt Active Nuclease degrades nucleic acids in an unspecific manner, enabling complete removal of DNA/RNA in lysates and complex purification buffers. Where other nucleases are inhibited by salt, SAN becomes more active. Continue reading »

Removal of genomic DNA from RNA preparations

With the Heat&Run kit, gDNA can be removed from even small volume/concentration RNA preps without loss of RNA in a rapid and simple 15 minutes protocol. After treatment the entire Heat&Run reaction can be used as template for cDNA synthesis in the same tube, avoiding additional pipetting steps. Continue reading »

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