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ArcticZymes launches HL-ExoI

We are proud to present HL-ExoI, a low temperature exonuclease. HL-ExoI will enable treatment of sensitive samples, and inspire novel technology development. HL-ExoI acts specifically to degrade ssDNA in the 3’- to 5’ direction, producing 5’- mononucleotides as a byproduct.

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Two new members added to the glycerol-free product family

ArcticZymes presents Glycerol-free dsDNase and Glycerol-free HL-dsDNase, two new members of the glycerol-free family of products. The dsDNases are well known products used for specific removal of dsDNA from a range of solutions, including commercial qPCR mastermixes and RNA solutions. The convenient, glycerol-free format makes these enzymes suitable for automatization and lyophilization.

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Glycerol-free dsDNase and Glycerol-free HL-dsDNase available for purchase now.

First Polymerase launched

ArcticZymes presents IsoPol™ DNA Polymerase, the first in a family of polymerases established to serve the genomic market segment. IsoPol™ DNA Polymerase is a low temperature polymerase, as opposed to PCR-related polymerases which are active at around 70ºC. Low temperature polymerases will enable novel technology development, serving markets that open up due to the increasing amount of available genetic information. The market for low temperature polymerases have been underserved, and ArcticZymes plans to provide a variety of low temperature polymerases to enable technology development for Gene Sequencing, Molecular Diagnostics and other markets.

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