ArcticZymes Technologies launches SAN HQ 2.0 ELISA Kit

ArcticZymes Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of our newest product, the SAN HQ 2.0 ELISA kit. This classic sandwich ELISA is designed for the detection and quantification of SAN HQ 2.0 enzyme in samples taken from the manufacturing stages of a complex biomanufacturing process such as the production of viral vectors.

The SAN HQ 2.0 ELISA Kit is highly sensitive, with a quantification range of 0.2 – 12.8 ng/ml. It also offers excellent precision, with a relative standard deviation of ≤ 15%. The accuracy of the kit is 100% ± 15%.

The new ELISA product will be an essential support product for customers using the SAN HQ 2.0 enzyme in their manufacturing processes. In combination with the SAN HQ 2.0 enzyme, the new ELISA kit provides a complete solution for the critical elimination of residual nucleic acids in biomanufacturing workflows.

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