ArcticZymes Technologies Q4, full year 2022 results and extended investor presentation

Tromsø, Norway, 2th February 2022 – ArcticZymes Technologies (OSE: AZT) reported sales of NOK 28.2 million (40.5) and an EBITDA of NOK 1.3 million (20.8) for the fourth quarter of 2022.

Highlights from Q4 and the full year 2022

  • ArcticZymes Technologies (AZT) had Q4 sales of NOK 28.2 million a reduction of 30% (Q4 2021: NOK 40.5 million) and sales for the full year of NOK 137.0 million growing by 7% (12M 2021: NOK 128.0 million)
  • AZT had a positive EBITDA for Q4 of NOK 1.3 million, a reduction of NOK 19.5 million (Q4 2021: NOK 20.8 million) and a positive EBITDA for 2022 of NOK 41.5 million, a reduction of 20.1 million (12M 2021: NOK 61.6 million).
  • Operating expenses for Q4 were 26.0 million (Q4 2021: NOK 18.4 million) impacted by one-off expenditure. Operating expenses for 2022 totalled NOK 91.0 (12M 2021: NOK 65.5 million)
  • Cash flow for Q4 was positive NOK 5.6 million (Q4 2021: NOK 14.0 million) giving a cash balance of NOK 244.2 million (Q4 2021: NOK 200.4 million)
  • Launched 3 new products: AZscriptTM Reverse Transcriptase; SAN HQ 2.0 ELISA kit & ArcticZymes Proteinase Glycerol FREE
  • Upscaled the manufacturing capacity of AZ Proteinase to meet growing demand
  • Signed exclusive license deal for a novel DNA assembly technology to expand offerings in both the molecular tools and biomanufacturing businesses
  • Conducted a comprehensive M&A process and engaged in negotiations with a European company. As a result of due diligence findings however, AZT terminated the acquisition process


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