Corporate information

Thank you for your interest in ArcticZymes Technologies. On this page you can find useful in-depth information about our company.

Investor relations policy

ArcticZymes Technologies (formerly Biotec Pharmacon) aims to increase knowledge of the company through precise and confident communication with shareholders, analysts and investors. ArcticZymes Technologies is committed to providing consistent, open, timely, equal, and relevant information to stakeholders, including the stock market.

ArcticZymes Technologies normally holds open investor presentations in connection with the submission of quarterly results. Recorded webcasts from the presentations are available for at least 12 months.

News, performance reports and presentations are posted on the company’s website at
Press releases are distributed as well through CisionWire.

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Shareholder policy

ArcticZymes Technologies aims to increase the value of its share through long-term profitable commercialization of its specialized bio-active products, as well as through licensing revenues from commercial partners.

The company gives priority, therefore, to provide current information to the stock market about the company’s development in order to give shareholders the best possible basis for assessing the value of its shares at any time.

Dividend policy

The company is currently in a growth phase where focus is on organic and inorganic growth opportunities. There are no plans for dividend to shareholders in the short to medium term.

Corporate social responsibility

ArcticZymes Technologies ASA is committed to develop socially valuable products, such as health products to improve people’s life, products to stimulate the welfare of farmed fish and animals, and life science products making laboratory processes and diagnosis more efficient and cost effective. The Company avoids using scarce natural resources and emphasizes this by approving suppliers.

The Company has since 2013 implemented Ethical guidelines upon which all employees have confirmed individually in writing that they, through their position will work to prevent discrimination, promote equality, promote human rights and combat all forms of corruption. These guidelines comply with the principles of the UN Global Compact. Size and business scope of the Company is limited compared with most other listed companies.