Heat&Run gDNA removal kit

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The kit contains HL-dsDNase which efficiently removes gDNA from RNA preps before running RT-qPCR.

  • gDNA is removed, leaving RNA ready for reverse transcription in the same tube (Figure 1).
  • Heat-labile dsDNase can easily be inactivated.
  • This procedure minimizes pipetting steps and reduces hands-on time.
  • The Heat&Run kit is especially well suited for high throughput experiments.

The high activity of the HL-dsDNase at low temperature and its heat-lability makes it ideal to use in a combination with a heat activated RT enzyme. The contaminating genomic DNA is cleaved at ambient temperature and increasing the temperature over 50°C will inactivate the DNase and start the Reverse Transcriptase.

Do you require gDNA removal in applications other than RT-qPCR? Contact our support team for assistance in implementing dsDNase treatment in your workflow.


Figure 1: Heat&Run protocol

Kit Contents

  • 10X reaction Buffer
  • HL-dsDNase (50 reactions)

Storage Conditions: Store at -20˚C.
Sample Material: The Heat&Run kit is suited for gDNA removal of RNA in qPCR settings from samples with good RNA quality as some loss of RNA integrity can be expected.
Quality Control: The kit is tested for absence of RNase.